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My Muffin Musings is a home bakery in Singapore, which started on Instagram since 2013. With a love of experimenting with unique flavours and a penchant of trying too many things at once, MMM has been churning out themed bake boxes whenever the inspiration hits since 2015. If you are an adventurous foodie, you have come to the right place!

Bake boxes are created seasonally in limited quantity for you to try out a variety of bakes without committing to the full bake order. If you love them enough, go forth to order a whole cake/full tray. Do follow MMM's Instagram/Telegram channel to get first dibs on any flash sales!

For all you baking enthusiasts out there, join me on my baking adventures as I dive deep into a cookbook every month and bake as many recipes as I humanly can. Come bake alongside me and muse about the recipes together!

Hope you enjoy your time exploring! I can't wait to feed you <3

What are you craving?
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